Our Ministry

Our burden for ministry has two main facets: the gospel and the church. In Revelation 1, God allows John to see the risen and ascended Lord Jesus in all his glory. John records that Jesus is “walking among the lampstands” which are his churches—and struggling, sinful churches at that!

God loves the church: it was his idea (Eph 3:1–6), it is his flock, field, building, and temple (1 Pet 5:2; 1 Cor 3:9, 16), it was bought at the cost of his Son’s life (Acts 20:28), and he jealously protects it. (1 Cor 3:16–17). It is his precious possession (1 Pet 2:9). Jesus loves the church: he died for it (Eph 5:25; Rev 5:9), he has promised to build it (Matt 16:18), and he protects it (Rev 1:12, 20). If we love Jesus, then we love his church.

The church is not a corporation or an organization; it is those souls whom God has declared “not guilty” of their sin because of the finished work of Jesus Christ. It is those believers in Jesus Christ who honor and glorify him by putting sin to death by his power every day. It is those who one day will stand blameless before God because of Jesus’ redemption. The gospel is the good news that God has made a way to be right with him: by faith in Jesus Christ.

We desire to see God’s mercy magnified among the nations (Rom 15:9) and Jesus’ church built up and growing. This is what burdens our hearts for the north of Chile.

View our doctrinal statement and philosophy of missions.


We are excited to partner with the Gospel Mission of South America. We are thankful for their long history of gospel work in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. We are thankful for their servant’s heart and willingness to labor by faith to see the gospel spread and Jesus’ church strengthened. We are thankful for the experience and servant’s hearts of their missionaries.

View the GMSA doctrinal statement and watch this video to learn a bit more about GMSA.


Chile’s Norte Grande, the “far north,” is copper country! There’s no other reason to build a city in one of the driest deserts in the world. The majority of Antofagasta’s almost 400,000 inhabitants are connected in one way or another to the mining industry. Antofagasta is the biggest city in the north, and a strategic beachhead for the gospel, with people constantly coming and going from all over Chile and the world. It is also a spiritual desert; with little gospel witness.


We look forward to partnering in ministry with David and Kristi Flinck and their family. They first moved to Antofagasta to begin a church plant there in 2011. We met David and Kristi when we were in college together and after following each other’s ministries from separate hemispheres, are excited to be working together.