Our Fellowship in the Gospel

When Paul wrote his epistle to the Philippian church, he began with a prayer of thanksgiving to God for their partnership, or teamwork, in the gospel (Phil 1:3–5). He considered them all teammates, working together to see the gospel advance in their assembly as they grew in obedience to Jesus Christ, and throughout the world as the good news of salvation through faith in Christ alone sounded out. While Paul was the one traveling and preaching and being imprisoned, the Philippians were his partners in ministry, praying for him (1:19), serving him at great personal risk (2:25–30), and meeting his needs financially (4:10–19). Paul called this ministry participation their “fellowship in the gospel.”

We too thank God for the gospel teammates that God has raised up for us. We are thankful for our co-workers, David & Kristi Flinck. We are thankful for the believers God has gathered together in Antofagasta, and look forward to serving alongside them. We are thankful for our mission board, the Gospel Mission of South America, for their guidance and help with financial affairs. We are thankful for our sending church, Westerville Bible Church, for their constant support in prayer, finances, and encouragement. We are thankful for the 16 churches and 17 individuals who have partnered with us in financial support, as God has supplied all our needs through their faithful giving. We are thankful for many other brothers and sisters who pray for us and our ministry week after week. We thank God for your fellowship in the gospel.

We thank God for the incredible team of partners He has brought together and we want to celebrate this “fellowship in the gospel” at our sending service on Sunday, November 5 at 3:30 pm at Westerville Bible Church. You are invited to join us that afternoon if you are able.

We appreciate your prayers as we continue to visit supporting churches and representing the Gospel Mission of South America. The next two months look like this:

We were thankful for the privilege of participating
in our home church’s missionary conference this past month.

 Thank God with us:

  • For his grace in bringing us closer to moving to Chile on December 28.
  • For his grace in encouraging us through God’s people.
  • For his grace in the wonderful gospel team he has raised up.
  • For his grace and constant care for us in meeting all our physical and financial needs.

Pray to God with us:

  • For safety as we continue to travel the next three weeks.
  • For spiritual strength to live in a way pleasing to God.
  • For grace as we sell our home and belongs and prepare to move.
  • For wisdom in arranging many details before we move to Chile.

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