Is Chile the Only Spiritual Desert?

As we have traveled to churches over the past fourteen months and talked with many people, we have tried to communicate the spiritual needs in northern Chile. Antofagasta and the surrounding areas are spiritual deserts, in dire need of the gospel and Bible-preaching churches.

But we make sure we also let people know that Chile isn’t the only place that needs the gospel: our mission is to make disciples of all of the nations—none is excluded. Our world is filled with thirsty souls that need the Living Water, Jesus Christ. We have seen desperately needy areas in our own country as we have traveled.

The past two weeks we had the privilege of visiting friends in the countries of Italy and Turkey and seeing firsthand the need for the gospel in those places. We also rejoiced to see and hear how Jesus is building his church in those places, just as He promised to do (Matt 16:18). We enjoyed meeting our Christian brothers and sisters in those places, worshiping with Jesus’ church, and even giving our missionary presentation through an interpreter in Italian! It was also a special joy to fellowship with our fellow-laborers in the gospel (1 Cor 3:9) and to spend time with their families. It was a great way to wrap up our deputation ministry.

Next up: Language school!

Our next task is studying Spanish at the Rio Grande Bible Institute Missionary Language School in Edinburg, Texas. We are planning Lord willing to move to Texas the first week of January and begin classes the following week. Studying Spanish in the United States gives us the opportunity to focus on laying a good foundation for hearing and speaking Spanish before we move to Chile.  Please pray for us: we know a lot of hard work is ahead of us! But we have Good News that must be communicated with accuracy and clarity. How will people believe in Someone they’ve never heard of? And how will they hear unless someone tells them (Rom 10:14)?

We delighted in spending time with missionary friends and their children.
We have always had a special place in our hearts for MKs.

 Thank God with us:

  • for His grace in bringing us to the completion of our deputation ministry over the past fourteen months.
  • for the opportunity to spend time with family over the past month.
  • for the incredible privilege of seeing firsthand two spiritual deserts and what God is doing there: Italy and Turkey.
  • for God’s protection and safety in traveling thousands of miles by plane, car, train, and foot in the past month!

Pray to God with us:

  • for God’s grace in preparing for our upcoming move to Edinburg, Texas January 4.
  • For God’s grace in adjustments to Texas, diligence in our study of Spanish, and wisdom in our planning.
  • For opportunities to serve Jesus Christ and His church in south Texas over the next year.

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