To the End of the Age

The chronological limit of Jesus’ commission to his disciples is that we are to make disciples to the end of the age (Matt 28:20). Matthew uses this phrase four other times in his gospel, referring to when Jesus returns to set up his kingdom (13:39, 40, 49; 24:3).

Short-term or Long-term?

Since we are tasked with making disciples of Jesus Christ until he returns, we must commit ourselves to a lifetime of pointing people to Him. That that means telling unbelievers they must believe in Jesus Christ. For believers, we urge them to obey everything that Jesus has commanded us. We never become too old to make disciples and this responsibility never goes out of style. Until Jesus returns, we must go and make disciples of Jesus from all the nations.

Fall is a busy time of year for missionaries on deputation. We participated in our sending church’s missionary conference this past month, and we have three more missions conferences in the next month. We will be traveling west for ten days to present our ministry to a deaf church in Missouri and visit one of our supporting churches, Mountain Home Bible Church, in Arkansas. Then we return to Ohio Lord willing to minister for several weeks here in our home state. We want to encourage God’s people to follow Christ and to give them a vision for the harvest fields of the world. Please pray for us!

As we seek to “hold missions high,” we try to teach children and young people about missions and about northern Chile.

 Thank God with us:

  • for adding to our team of churches and individuals partnering with us. Our support total stands at 65%.
  • for setting out our next step: we are enrolled in Rio Grande Bible Institute’s Missionary Language School for January 2017.
  • for some time over the past few weeks to spend at home with our sending church and with family.

Pray to God with us:

  • for God’s grace to strengthen us and make us more like Jesus Christ.
  • for God’s continued provision of teammates in prayer and finances.
  • for God’s wisdom as we prepare to move to Edinburg, Texas the first week of January 2017.

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