God Supplies Our Needs (part 3)

Paul’s epistle to the Philippian church is an inspired missionary prayer letter. He has received a financial gift from the Philippian church, but he realizes the gift is also from his Heavenly Father, who supplies all his needs. Accordingly, he thanks God and he thanks the Philippian believers (4:10, 14). Through times of need and times of abundance, God has taught Paul to be content (4:11–13). He is self-sufficient in Christ—completely dependent on God, who has used the church’s generous giving.

The Philippian church supplied Paul’s needs (4:15–18).

They were the first to give (4:15). When Paul first left Philippi and traveled south to Thessalonica, the Philippians were the first church to give toward his expenses, partnering with him financially.
They gave more than once (4:16). Not only did they give first, they gave more than once. They gave “once and again.”
They gave to Paul, but they gave to God (4:18). Paul tells the Philippians he has received their support via Epaphroditus and it was a sacrifice pleasing to God. But didn’t they give to Paul? Yes, but in so doing, they gave to God as well.

God supplies our needs (4:19–20).

This is the significant lesson of the paragraph: God uses believers to accomplish His will. Earlier Paul told the Philippians that God “works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure” (2:13) The Philippian believers gave to Paul, and they gave to God. Paul thanks God, and he thanks them at the same time. The church met Paul’s need, but Paul says that God is the One who supplies needs (4:19). God is the One working in believers to do His will.

This past month we have been visiting churches in Ohio and Pennsylvania and counseling at Peniel Bible Camp. We are currently in a six-week trip through Minnesota, visiting seven churches (four to report on our trip to Antofagasta for the Flincks) and for Mark to take a week-long Doctor of Ministry course at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. Please pray for us!


We celebrated our fourteenth wedding anniversary this past month with a candlelight dinner during teen camp at Peniel Bible Camp.

 Thank God with us:

  • for our team of churches and individuals partnering with us. Our support total is around 60%.
  • for many chances to serve God and others this summer.

Pray to God with us:

  • for God’s continued provision of teammates in prayer and finances.
  • for God’s wisdom in determining and taking next steps regarding plans for language school in Texas in January.
  • for God’s grace to be patient with one another and content with what we have (which is more than we need and far better than we deserve!).
  • for God’s grace to serve Jesus’ church in Minnesota.

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