Where Can We Go?

Where Can We Go?

God is there.

The world is a big place. There are any number of places we can travel, but wherever we are, God is there. David asks the question, “Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?” (Ps 139:7). The answer of course, is that wherever we could possibly go, “Thou art there” (Ps 139:8). This is a great encouragement to us, whether traveling to new places on deputation, or thinking about ministry in northern Chile: God is there.

Jesus is always with us.

Furthermore, as we seek to obey the commission Jesus left us—making disciples of the nations, he also promises us his presence until the end of the age: “I am with you always…” (Matt 28:20). This coming month we will quit our jobs and begin to travel full-time on deputation. We haven’t been to the places we are headed, but God is there. We don’t know what experiences or challenges await us there, but Jesus is with us. We are looking forward to serving in northern Chile knowing he will never leave us.

178d9948-612b-4256-9091-922fd6c5af8bThis is an encouragement to us as we begin to “pull up stakes” and move away from our familiar routines. This coming month, Mark will resign from being the assistant pastor at Westerville Bible Church and Bekah will quit her job as a patient care assistant at a local chiropractor’s office. We are thankful for God’s provision over the years through good jobs. It is humbling and a little scary to depend entirely on God’s grace and the giving of his people to care for our needs. Please pray for us to obey God and continue to grow in faith. We are thankful for the opportunities to serve four of Jesus’ churches over the next month:



We are thankful for God’s provision of teammates.  Fayette Bible Church voted to support us financially, bringing our support total to 23%! We encourage you to follow our weekly travels on our Facebook page, “Perrys to Chile,” check out our website, perrys2chile.com, and continue to pray for us!

Thank God with us:

  • for another partner church joining our support team!
  • for gracious and generous churches who have encouraged us and helped us on our way week by week.
  • for more meetings scheduled at churches—-more opportunities to serve the Body of Christ.

Pray to God with us:

  • for God’s provision of teammates in prayer and finances.
  • for grace to trust God through the transition into full-time deputation ministry.
  • for wisdom as we lead a mission team of five young ladies from our church to Antofagasta June 2–14.

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