Settling into a Steady Pace

Ready. . .get set. . .go! Now what?

We have run in several road races ranging from 5Ks to half marathons. There is a lot of anticipation as you wait for the start (usually in the cold, and often for an hour or more). When the gun goes off and you can finally start running, you usually take off way faster than you really want to be going. It doesn’t take long before you have to settle into a steady, manageable pace that you can run for the whole race.
After the excitement of candidate school last month at the GMSA headquarters in Fort Lauderdale (June 22–26), we came home encouraged and ready to get started. We enjoyed our interaction with the mission staff and many missionaries who instructed and helped us in preparing for the future. Now comes the part of actually getting to work!
Amidst the regular responsibilities of work and ministry (Bekah at her job at the chiropractor’s office and Mark at the church), we have begun to make preparations for deputation. We are working on preparing materials, producing a video, contacting pastors, and setting up meetings. Finding that steady pace is proving to be a little challenging. We are reminded every day how much we need Jesus!

Please pray for us!

  • Grace to act, speak, and think like Jesus Christ
  • Wisdom in making many purchases in preparation for deputation
  • Good contacts with pastors and churches where we can serve

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